Luxury For Everyone

Don’t break the bank just to own your dream sofa, with over 40 different designs produced a year, we assure you that you’ll find the right sofa at the right price and that’s best suited for your home.

The Perfect Sofa

Perfect seams & stitches, bigger & wider seats,for enhanced comfort, enfineered with genuine natural latex

Wood Series

Rozel’s all-new fusion series combines premium wood, exquisitely designed with immaculate finishing. When it comes to wood furniture, they’re in a class of their own. See it to believe it.


Lay back on our Powder Recliner that will magically chase away all your fatigue and exhaustion for the day.

A Distinctive Experience

Getting a piece of furniture for your home should not be taken lightly. It’s not only about making your home a more comfortable place, it’s about making a statement of your distinctive taste for a greater lifestyle.

Your Lifestyle

We deliver furniture and lifestyle. We go the extra mile to deliver a lifestyle that will match your discerning taste for the best in life.

Comfortably affordable, sofas that simply spells home.

For those looking for the perfect sofa for their home that’ll last in the years to come.


Move up a notch, extra large, extra cozy.

With extra space for families and guests to relax, the perfect element for contemporary homes.


Enhance personal relaxation in three steps.

Lounging around has a new meaning. The most comfortable recliners one can find to date.