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    There’s no better way to relax. Rozel’s Power Recliners puts you in a state of dreaminess in seconds. Push back, feet up, relax.
Rozel Power Recliner

Contoured To Your Shape

Ergonomically designed to let you stretch out and reduce back fatigue. Rest each and every part of your body as you lay back and take on relaxation time.

Soothing To Your Neck

The adjustable headrest allows you to easily adjust it up to 90° for the best angle to give you total support for your neck, maximising your comfort.

Rozel Power Recliner
Rozel Power Recliner

Full Aniline Leather

Comfort can only be achieved with high-quality materials. Aniline leather, the finest, purest form of leather, wrapped and stitched seamlessly for extra classiness and exceptional comfort.

Recline at a touch

Don’t get up to recline, instead sit back and recline at the touch of a finger. Ensuring that relaxation time goes unspoiled when making that much-needed signature adjustment.

Rozel Power Recliner

Luxury For Everyone

Don’t break the bank just to own your dream sofa, with over 40 different designs produced a year,
we assure you that you’ll find the right sofa at the right price and that’s best suited for your home.

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Crafted to last

All Rozel sofas were made to last which is why we give you greater peace of mind with 5-years warranty on all Rozel sofas which covers the structure and stitching.